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4 Feb 2016

Engineering textbook co-authored by AITF researcher

A new chemical engineering textbook co-authored by Processing Technologies’ Jose Garcia Zapata with colleagues from his native Colombia has been published. The book covers process analysis and simulation for use with the Aspentech suite of engineering software…
Author: AITF Staff

2 Feb 2016

Printing better than ever

A new print-on-demand module has been added to the refreshed website, allowing users to print any webpage, including technical documentation and success stories, as a clean hard copy or PDF minus most awkward breaks and positioning common with web print jobs...
Author: AITF Staff

27 Jan 2016

Alberta Innovates seeds connections at FarmTech

AITF and partners AI-Bio and Livestock Gentec participated in FarmTech 2016 together in Edmonton from January 26 to 28. Alberta Innovates corporations were joint Gold Sponsors for this year’s event. See the photos...
Author: AITF Staff

21 Jan 2016

Alberta boosts support for high-tech innovation and research

Alberta boosts support for high-tech innovation and research
Deron Bilous, Alberta Minister of Economic Development of Trade, announced on January 21 an additional $5 million for the GoA's Enhanced Innovation Voucher and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Support program to help tech-sector SMEs bring their ideas and products to market. The Minister made the announcement as part of a news conference at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton...
Author: AITF Staff

19 Jan 2016

Who we are: AITF overview video released

Who we are: AITF overview video released

AITF helps enable innovation and commercialization in Alberta. We work in partnership with industry, government and academia to create the strong science, technology and entrepreneurial culture to grow both new and existing businesses. Learn more in a new video…

Author: AITF Staff

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Introducing Connectica: a new self-service tool for SMEs and service providers to connect with other provincial innovators, in alignment with AITF's strategic priority for contributing to an effective Innovation System.

The Innovation Family

Bio Solutions supports research and innovation growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors.

Health Solutions supports research efforts to further our understanding of health and disease, and to produce results that will make a difference to the health, economy and societal wellbeing of Albertans and people around the world.

Energy and Environment Solutions supports energy and environmental research and innovation in Alberta and is working to develop solutions for the biggest challenges facing these sectors.

Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures supports research and innovation activities directed at the growth and development of technology-based sectors, the commercialization of technology, the provision of business and technical services, and initiatives that encourage a strong science, technology and entrepreneurial culture in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates–Technology Futures was created on January 1, 2010, it was built on the successes of the former Alberta Ingenuity, former Alberta Research Council, former iCORE, and nanoAlberta.With roots stretching back almost 90 years, these organizations were well-known in the research and innovation community, not only within Alberta, but internationally as well. By bringing the separate entities together, the intention is to harness the creativity, innovation and outstanding research being conducted by all, and translate that into a new and improved organization that can build on the foundation laid by each entity.AITF shares the vision of each former organization - to leverage technology in order to make Alberta a great place to be, now and for future generations.

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